FLOCKS is an acronym that describes the goal of this ministry:


Our desire is to provide an environment for adults to build healthy, trusting friendships. This will not only occur during the FLOCK hour on Sunday mornings but also through other special activities.


Spiritual leaders are actively identified, developed, and utilized through their FLOCK. Each FLOCK leader is looking to discern and unlock the leadership potential of individuals in the class.


Our FLOCKS become “on ramps” to help those within our church family become more involved. Each FLOCK can become an entry point for those who are seeking to take their “next step” in connecting to the Body.


FLOCKS provide a setting through which people can share prayer concerns, serve one another, and carry one another’s burdens. Compassion-in-action is the aim, reaching out to others in their time of need.


Biblical instruction is one of the primary reasons for our FLOCKS ministry. We desire to teach the Word of God in such a way so as to make it relevant and applicable to every person in the FLOCK.


FLOCKS enable people to serve others’ needs in tangible ways. Our FLOCKS also encourage people to discover their spiritual gifts, talents, and passion so they can use them in a ministry within the church.