Woodburn Missionary Church began

Woodburn Missionary Church began in 1898 when 19 people in the community banded together for the purpose of holding worship services in the homes of interested families. The building used for public services was the Elmwood School, which stood at the corner of State Road 101 and Slusher Road


Group moved

In about 1900, the group moved to a second floor room of what is now Linda’s flower shop, where services were held for several years.


Plans were drawn

In 1909, Rev. Yaggy drew the plans for a permanent place of worship. The land for the new church was secured from Mr. and Mrs. Sylvenus Roberts for $100.00.


Dedication services were held

Many people contributed their time and money, and finally the church was ready for dedication. Formal dedication services were held on December 19, 1909. Rev. J.E. Ramseyer, president of the Missionary Church Association (MCA) at that time, and other church officials were present for that important occasion.


Relocating became a reality

After much praying, planning, and preparations, a new church building became a reality in 1969 when land was purchased on Bull Rapids Road, north of Woodburn, and a beautiful building was erected that year. The five acres of land cost $8,104.50, and the building and furnishings totaled $120,652.87.


Dedication services were held

The dedication of the new building was on March 22, 1970.

late 1900s

Major expansion project began

The church continued to grow spiritually as well as numerically. Overcrowding became a major problem for the various ministries of the church. And so it was in the late 1990’s the decision was made to begin a major expansion project. The scope of the project would include a new sanctuary, narthex, office wing, and classrooms.


Building project was completed

Total cost for this was $2.4 million. The project was completed with great enthusiasm. The dedication service took place on September 26, 1999.

As God continued to give the increase, lives were greatly impacted. Not only did the congregation grow and the facilities expand, but the church ministry staff began to increase as well. Positions were added in the areas of music ministry, children’s ministry, and adult/administration ministries.

In her centennial year, in an effort to stay true to her roots by proclaiming the gospel message not only in Woodburn but also to the entire world, the church began another major expansion project. The project added 25,000 square feet of children's and youth ministry space and cost approximatly $3.4 million.


Today, nearly 800 people from all across northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio have made Woodburn Missionary Church their church home. Much has changed since 1898, but our committment to proclaiming the gospel message by helping people "take next steps together" remains stronger than ever!